This is My Medicine

I’ll always miss being a part of development here in the islands, but now I am called to truly focus on my purpose for this lifetime & assist with the transition of both my loved ones and any other individual that would be in need of my service. Every business that I have created within the past decade has had the same mission: To assist others with healing through emotional expression.

I’ve created a brand for myself as a visual, performance & meta-physical artist, with Ī’ōlānī; I’ve developed methods to encourage energetic movement through the body by alignment of the mind, body, spirit sync. As well as encouraging others to express their true nature & reach their highest potential through creative musing.

While my latest business venture, The Lion’s Den Maui has been another personal project that I hoped to assist with my own healing from a very difficult & painful marriage. I wanted to help myself move on & recover from the emotional overwhelm by separating myself from the material objects that held much nostalgic attachment, yet were no longer serving my highest-self. Beautiful art, leather goods, jewelry, pieces collected from travel, anniversaries, birthdays, family celebrations…

All were reminders of what was no longer my present reality & at some points created unhealthy emotional triggering. In order to release myself from the bondage of those heavy emotions & to also learn to live life with less attachment to objects, I chose to create an online consignment shop. I realized that I was not only helping myself, but was now offering another healing service opportunity for others as well! I look forward to helping you get free & healing with the movement of your beautiful clutter.