“One night my cat suffered a very bad leg injury, I wasn't sure what happened but he couldn't walk or put pressure on it and was in a state of trauma and continually crying…

I was worried to say the least and panicking a bit myself.

I had decided I would have to take him in to the vet the next morning.

Knowing that Ashley was a Reiki practitioner, I reached out to see if she could help. She said to remain calm and that she would prepare for a distance Reiki session.

After an hour or so my cat had calmed down. Waiting to see him in the morning, I expected I would be loading him into his crate and taking him down for x-rays. As I called him over for his breakfast, he walked right to me and with a brisk pace I might add!

I was shocked. Within a few days his limp had subsided and he was back to himself. I truly believe that Ashley's energy and Reiki session helped heal him that night and I am forever grateful!

Thank you Ashley!”

~Garrett L.

“I worked with Ashley during one of the most challenging times in my life. She helped me move past that time and gave me priceless perspective. She’s very knowledgeable and thorough. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone!”


“Ashley’s Reiki sessions were phenomenal! She’s always in tune with the energy and is able to pinpoint my energy level every time. I very much enjoyed every session, not only for her healing energy, but also for her warming kind nature. She’s beautiful inside & out and I can’t wait to check out her other services.”

~Zahrah D.

Reiki Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, & Holistic Esthetician

“Ashley Iolani is one of the most authentic, kind, and caring healers I've ever met.

With a wealth of knowledge, and a spunky personality, Ashley mixes her fun loving energy and mastery into all of our sessions, creating an amazing safe space for me to be my true authentic self.

With a relaxed and heartwarming pace, Ashley and I get a lot of work done. Ashley can truly tap into God’s messages for me. There has been several times when Ashley has hit issues right on the head without me even having to bring them up.

Time flies by in her sessions, yet I always leave with an abundance of energy and motivation to take actions towards a better me. I highly recommend Ashley to anyone who is ready to heal and grow.

God blessed us with Ashley's insight, profound beauty inside and out, and unwavering service to God to be a powerful healer. I'm truly grateful to have her in my life.”

~Justine A.

Model, Actress, Entertainer, Writer, & Producer